First off, thank you for testing and helping with the project Zauberzirkel! On this page you will find any information needed for giving feedback, even if it is your first time providing feedback for a videogame (Guidance for new players).

Test Procedure

We highly appreciate any type of constructive feedback towards Spellslinger. So from one sentence up to a whole documentation of feedback, wishes and reminders – you can provide any amount of feedback you like. Your honest feedback is very much appreciated.

1. Play

While in open beta you just need to download the game via the google play store to start playing. The google play store link:

Get it on Google Play

2. Feedback

You played the game and want to provide feedback? Great, you send us a mail to or join our discord server to provide feedback in the #feedback channel. If you are not certain or not sure what kind of feedback to provide you can read the short guidance section below.

Guidance for new players

Especially new players to games in general are an important source of information to any developer. It is important to mention: You can’t do anything wrong. The goal of playtesting is to gather as many different views on the game as possible. The following points can be understood as a mini-guideline if you are not sure what to tell us:

  1. You can’t do anything wrong
    The game crashed because you did something or it isn’t working where it should? Great! We are looking for that kind of feedback, too.
  2. Your understanding is always right
    You can’t move forward to the next screen because you don’t understand where to press? Awesome! If you don’t understand what to do next we failed at communicating so. This is very valuable feedback!
  3. Better too much than too little
    You are making it more easy for us if you describe your feedback with more than just mentioning the feedback/problem. How did you reach this point? What did you press? Feel free to describe your feedback in detail.
  4. Take notes
    If you love to immerse yourself while playtesting we are flattered that you enjoy the game. Maybe taking notes in between will help to save your thoughts so you don’t loose them later when writing the feedback.
  5. Structering is highly appreciated
    If you provide structered feedback (maybe through bullet points or similiar) you will help us getting through your feedback in a more structered and easy way.
  6. Screenshots/Pictures always help
    Providing screenshots/pictures additionally to your feedback helps a lot. Currently our forms do not provide a possibility to attach pictures, but you can provide your feedback also to or insert a google drive to your form to attach pictures.
  7. Positive feedback is feedback too
    Solltet Ihr außer Problemen für bestimmte Punkte auch Lob übrig haben, würden wir uns natürlich freuen, wenn Ihr uns auch dieses Feedback übermittelt. Damit helft ihr uns einen Überblick zu erhalten an welchen Stellen wir uns auf dem richtigen Pfad befinden.
    Let us know, if you like something specific while playtesting. Of course we are happy to read if you liked the game or not. Furthermore it helps us to identify, if mentioned mechanic/part of the game are perceived in a good way.


No, since the app is rated appropriate for every age.

No, currently we support only android devices with a version of 4.4 "KitKat" or higher.

No, providing feedback is completely optional and there are no legal obligations attached.