3D Top-Down Action-Adventure

The game world, Erydia, is a fictional and fantastic continent which is haunted by negative human emotions. Saligia, the capital city in the center of Erydia, is surrounded by seven additional regions. In a gloomy and medieval atmosphere every region present it’s own characteristic environment.

During the concept phase Saligia was supported by the FFF Bayern through the concept games funding program. Saligia is currently in the prototyping phase and is supported by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

You wake up dazed inside a spacious temple courtyard. Without orientation and with the words “Yet another soul …” you get explained that you are in Erydia and that everyone has gradually awakened in the same way as you in front of this temple.

The lost ones, as the erydians call themselves, built the city of Saligia with the hope of clearing up their uncertainty, which has an imposing temple in their midst. Legends say that deep in the temple, which existed before the lost ones, the answers to all questions would lie. However, access to this temple is only possible for the mysterious branded erydians. By wearing these marks, a lost person is promised new strength for an unknown price. The only thing that is certain is that the lost ones who have become branded seem to behave more and more strange as the number of marks increases. Insane-looking brandeds reported confused visions and some of them were never seen again after entering the temple.

As a newbie and with the desire for certainty and remembrance, you decide to seek answers to your questions through getting access to the temple. With the few hints to brandeds who are still living in the outer regions, you set out to a journey and ask for their aid.